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Cree 4800ml Dive flashlight review

Cree 4800Lm dive flashlight review


Purchased December 2014

Died March 2016

Estimated number of dives 50

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  • Cheap
  • Heavy
  • Awkward



I bought the

Cree 4800Lm dive flashlight XM-L2  online through ebay, looking for a cheaper alternative to flashlights available on Koh Tao

First the Cree 4800Lm dive flashlight is quite  heavy. I found the handle grip slightly uncomfortable it was quite thin not moulded although it had a plastic cover for grip but because there was no where else to attach one, the shape of the handle enabled me to attach a lanyard and caribeaner. One it came I was suspicous of the O-rings that came with Cree 4800Lm dive flashlight. They appeared to be too small for the flashlight body. In fact the O-Rings were stretching a great deal to be seated in their grooves. Not only this one of the O-rings looked already scored or damaged upon delivery.

When it first was tested. It went with my colleague Kevin. It came back flooded. This was due to USER ERROR (mine not Kevins) as the end cap of the battery compartment was not being screwed in properly. But after a rinse with deionized water a day of drying off the  Cree 4800Lm dive flashlight was back up and working the next day. Only fault was now the switch could no longer entirely switch off the LEDs. It would dim somewhat but not turn off entirely. So to overcome this at the end of the dive I would unscrew it slightly so that the contct was broken on the batterys.

I found the extremely bright light very useful. In fact I can honestly say I did not encounter a brighter dive flash light during ny night dives at one of the worlds busiest night dive spots. I liked the ability to dim the light as desired.

After another year of use and no great particular care given to it. The switch has no failed completely. It is a thumb sliding switch at the led end of the handle grip, it no longer moved and seemed jmmed n place. With some persuasion of washing liquid and lighty tapping eventually freed up but now it moves it no longer does anything.

Overall impression good light, solid consruction, dodgy orings, switch design suseptable to wear and tear.


[skills main_text=”Attributes” main_color=”#193340″ text_color=”#ffffff”]

[skill main_color=”#97BE0D” percentage=”95″] Light power [/skill]

[skill main_color=”#D84F5F” percentage=”90″] Battery life [/skill]

[skill main_color=”#88B8E6″ percentage=”80″] Usability [/skill]

[skill main_color=”#BEDBE9″ percentage=”53″] Build quality [/skill]

[skill main_color=”#EDEBEE” percentage=”45″] Durability [/skill]




6/10 But a very good short term soloution, not so good for a long term investment.

Remember buy cheap buy twice! As I have just done.

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