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Thea Austad completes advanced open water

Thea Austad – advanced open water diver

Thea Austad continues to suprise one and all, with her scuba diving acheivements by successfully completing her PADI Advanced open water diver course with me.

Thea completed her Open water diver in July 2014 and did some fun dives before returning to Norway for about 8 months.

When she returned this trip she had gotten scared of diving again, and had some stress about water in her mask, had other issues during some proceeding fun dives with tighness of chest.

So I got her to try various different masks for the best fit to minimise leakage. I also gave her one of our personal wetsuits which fitted much more comfortably and we tried and selected a different BCD that was less constrictive too.

We got her confidence back pretty quickly, and then proceeded onto advanced open water course.

Throughout her courses Thea has demonstrated an incredible willingness and thoroughness at completeing her own self study affording us more time to concentrate on things in water.

She now is fine ripping her mask off and swimming around breating through her regulator and then replacing the mask and clearing it of water. She has fantastic buoyancy control and trim.

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It was about this time that Thea began to invest in her own scuba equipment. She now has own wetsuit/ rash guards/ mask and snorkel/ wing! …The wing is the best buy by far, it really helps for comfot and position underwater.

Congratulations Thea, your a joy to teach! I look forward to our Rescue diver course. I just hope that you dont write too much for your knowledge review answers again!


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