Claude Kelly

Claude Kelly

I arrived upon Koh Tao back in 2001 without any previous diving experience, and not planning to scuba dive and with the intention of staying on Koh Tao for just 2 weeks before I head south toward my intended destination of The Philippines, where I was planning some island hoping adventures.

15 Years later I have still to get to see the Philippines. Koh Tao is just too good to leave!

I began scuba diving, rather reluctantly after my new (3 month) Koh Tao friends nagged me into trying it. And so as I was hanging out with a few local divers already, I agreed to a discover scuba dive, in Mango Bay.

It felt weird but I soon adapted and found it quite relaxing as the beauty of the reef was also very tranquil and calming. I had a great day. I had been shown many new fascinating marine organisms and was luck enough to encounter a turtle, and then I thought about my instructor also having had a good day, whilst getting paid! I think I may have just realised what the best job in the world is, it’s a scuba instructor!

I wanted that. Badly. I had just left the world of finance and IT working for various banking institutions in London city.

I progressed through the PADI system and several months later completed my Divemaster I was fortunate enough to land a job from Guy Corsellis with Asia Divers as their full time Divemaster.time-to-dive-jump

I thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility bestowed upon me. Leading visitors around the amazing and varied dive sites that Koh Tao hosts. I began taking a closer interest in my divers wish list, such as things they like to see or to photograph or organisms people wish to encounter or study. I found identifying the different organisms quite challenging as this was before the internet became a reliable tool on Koh Tao, so I collected books and yet more books about marine organisms. I have quite an impressive marine organism library now.

I really thought that I was not going to become an instructor. However after several scubaclaude kelly scuba instructor review sessions I really enjoyed the satisfaction I gained of training divers, and I got some positive feed back, so I began to feel that perhaps I could be an instructor after all.

I passed my IDC and IE with Asia Divers 2002 with two of the most experienced and highly regarded PADI course directors on the island.

I began to work as freelance instructor almost immediately. Freelance means you hoping to get a call to work at a dive centre. It can be difficult to get work if you only have the one language as I only speak English to teach in, most dive centres would prefer more languages. However and after several months hard work I was given full time instructor position also know as Pool Instructor.



Since then I have been fortunate to remain with Asia Divers, slowly taking on more and more responsibility until in 2013 I was first told that I should look for another job because the dive school was closing. Luckily enough for me the owner had a change of heart, decided on streamlining the dive shop and promoted me to dive shop manager

claude kelly cesa line student diverMy passion has been and will always remain teaching scuba diving at all levels. My main focus is on diver safety and satisfaction. This is the main reason I remain with Asia Divers as the owner P Deang is so determind at making sure I can deliver the safest and
most enjoyable and educational experience by supplying excellent facilities

More recently I have become very interested and active with under water digital photography and have made some significant investments in cameras and housings and strobes to help me achieve some descent photos, many of which adorn this site. We are now offering dive photographer service, to capture your diving experiences

I am hoping to progress through the PADI system and become a PADI Course director to enable me to carry on teaching my Divemaster’s who wish to continue their education with me. Until i achieve this I shall be assisting other Course directors on Instructor development courses and getting to help any Divemaster’s I have through their instructor training until I get there myself.

instructor claude

I have over 11000 dives. I have certified nearly 2000 divers, and I have also certified over 70 Divemasters. I have been the lead instructor for many years and during this time also trained many MSDT’s for their internship phase for 25 certifications.

I hope to be able to progress on to PADI Course Director, but financial commitment may prevent this for now, but who knows maybe I can win the lottery!





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