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Ikelite housing failure

Ikelite canon G12 housing cracked

Ikelite housing failure

I have been using this housing for about 18 months infrequently.

I was often suprised that you could notice the housing creaking when descending, but htought nothing of it.

A few days ago I noticed between dives that a crack had developed originating from one of the control dials specificallly the once used to change mode Manual, program, custom..etc It appead to go about an inch away from the dial. Now to my knowledge the camera has not been dropped by myself, or placed anywhere to fall, and I have not cleaned the housing with anything but fresh water and a clean cloth and so I suspect that it has just occured from pressure changes.

I removed the camera and took the housinfg for 2 test dives. The first of which showed no water leaking. The second of which with extensive button and dial usage did result in droplets inside the housing!

Has anyone else experienced an ikelite housing failure from pressure? I dont dive deep I think the maximum depth I went with this housing is about 25m

So it looks as if my pride and joy may well be dead.ikelite housing crack

I have throughly enjoyed my time with this, the addition of a ds-51 strobe was the best day of diving since the whale sighting. It took me many months of saving to get the housing and then the strobe. Frankly I am gutted, as it looks like it is dead Jim!

So I wrote to ikelite and am hoping for a reply soon, but I dont hold up any hope, as it is considered quite old now.

But for the moment alas no more photos from me, it looks as if  Thea’s photography dives were its last outing.

UPDATE 28/05/2016

Ikelite USA Have repaired the housing and its on its way back home!#

So it took 2 weeks to send to them, and due to “Shop machine failure” reapair took 6 weeks but the costs were reasonable.




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