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Asia divers hostel adds air conditioned rooms

Air conditioned rooms added to Asia divers hostel

We have spent some time improving the Asia divers hostel at the end of the year 2015.

As well as clearing the derelict land in front to give an even better view and room for games, Asia divers hostel has added air conditioning as an option to 3 of our rooms – 18 beds

Our new air con rooms come with all the same facilities in our hostel, but are much much cooler!

Air conditioned – hostel berth just 500THB/night

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Asia Divers Pub Quiz Champion 2015

Last night 30/12/2015 was Asia Divers last pub quiz of the year.

Organised and compared by the ever delightful and chirpy Chinese scuba diver trainer Mr David Bonas at Asia Divers Deck Bar.

Topics included things such as Liverpool FC best ever manager, Liverpool FC best finish in the league last 10 years and why doesn’t David come from Liverpool. Other topics such as bin dipping, car jacking, pick pocketing, and talking Pikey where also covered in the much coverted Asia Divers Deck Bar 2015 Ultimate Championship. Quiz participants came from far and wide, some from Sairee others from the resort itself.

wyatt-pub-quiz-champAfter 3 rounds of questions there was a clear winner.

ASIA DIVERS DECK BAR – Pub Quiz Reigning champion 2015


Looking pretty proud of himself!

Congratulations Wyatt!

Lets hope the DMT exams are just as easy!

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Backpackers Hostel


With Christmas just around the corner and accommodation options disappearing quickly for the traveller on a budget, we thought you might want to know about this rare gem of a backpacker hostel on Koh Tao.

Located a short walk away from the parties on the beach. But just far enough away that the noise from them will not affect a good nights rest

Backpackers Hostel features;backpacker hostel guest key

  1. With webcams with night vision in 3 locations on site you can rest assured nothing will go unnoticed
  2. Personal lockers with padlock rings
  3. Each room guest has their own room key
  4. Electric hot water shower
  5. Free WiFi
  6. Free taxi transfer! Worth 300THB
  7. Swimming pool use

All this and more for just 350THB per night! With the fee taxi this is unbeatable value for money

We still have space over Christmas an New Year, perfect for your #theexperience festival

Check out our Backpackers Hostel  page or book with the link in the side bar.

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Asia Bar renovation complete

The flooring work around the bar has been completed.
We now have a beautiful laid cobbled deck area. Looks great!
We cant loose our keys or money or cigarettes or mobile phone between the floor planks any more!
Oh the fun times we had.

Part one of resort maintenance complete

Part 2. Pool renovation commences 22/10/2015

Part 3. New dive shop?? 25 November?


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Dive shop concept plans

Dive shop concept plans

We have had a very very quiet month or so here on Koh Tao since the bobmb in Bangkok.

So I have put my dry time to use, and over the last 3-4 weeks learned differing software to help me come up with an idea to show P Deang, hoping to improve our visibility, sales, retail sales.

I had noticed that our little dive shop is often over looked or missed even when people stay on resort. We fre
quently see guests, or divers walking in to our equipment room and asking poor Joy about what diving he offerdiveshop5-s.

So rather than teaching Joy how
to be a scuba instructor I put together thi
s proposal…..I believe that the owner likes my idea!




So we hope to have a new bsweethome3d new dive shopeautiful dive shop soon except that some of us less handsome crew members will still be here!new equipment storage1-

The dive equipment will need to be relocated of course, so I have planned downstairs next to the pool.. only to be told that the pool is being replaced! We also getting a new swimming pool!

Asia Divers is by far the best dive shop on Koh Tao!


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Resort maintenance 2015

Asia Divers

Deck Bar

closed for maintenance until 2016

So today the decking around the Asia Divers Deck Bar has been ripped up one final time.resort-maintenance-deck-bar-1

We are replacing the decking with cobbled paving!

asia-divers-resort-maintenance-2015-deck-bar-2So no more losing bike keys or cigarettes between the wooden floor slats, oh the fun we had!

Or accidentally falling through a rotten slat while half drunk and holding a drink in your hand. Where will the challenges be now?

And is planned to be reopened after the new year.

So hoping to up and running for a special IE Party for the February IDC candidates!

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Resort gets garden makeover

Resort gets garden makeover

Asia Divers resort

Today Asia divers resort staff, have been keeping up appearances for the resort by updating the garden area by bestowing it with lots of new flowers.

Resort gets garden makeover. New plants going in just outside of the reception, surrounding the parking area, along the pool side path leading to the resort garden. Beautiful.

With the addition of the kids play area Asia Divers resort continues to make families enjoy their stay in a beautiful and everyone gets to feel more and more comfortable.

Everybody got involved ..

Resort gets garden makeover  New flowers to be planted resort makeover

staff plant flowers ourtside resort reception Resort gets garden makeover flower planting


Thank you for the lovely bright flowers!


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Childrens play area in garden

Childrens play area in garden

We are not entirely sure when this happened but it appears that we have installed a new Childrens play area in garden.

Styled on Nemo the clown fish the set makes a great addition to the resort facilities, but can you guess what type of clown fish is it supposed to be?

Located at the end of the swimming pool in the tropical garden between guest rooms.

It seems we got a job lot delivery from the local potter because here are more vases and urns and clay figures appearing by the pool and in the garden too!

Childrens play area in garden

Childrens play area in garden kids nemo furniture

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