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Fei He Course Director Certificate
Fei He completes PADI Course Director Training Course Congratulations to Fei, our Chinese team leader for his success in becoming a PADI Course Director by completing the PADI CDTC course. Fei receives his Course Director certificate on stage March 1st, 2017 having successfully passed the 12 day training course in Kot Kinablu Malaysia    
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Washing a Scuba Regulator after use
Why Wash Scuba Regulators After Use? It is very important to wash scuba regulators thoroughly after use, to help preserve its general condition, help to avoid unnecessary or early servicing and lastly for good hygiene practices by preventing dirty smelly regulators being used or from colds / infections being passed form diver to diver Once a
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Can banded Sea Snakes bite and kill divers? “Sea Snakes have small mouths so can not bite humans except the skin between fingers and ear lobes” – Fake scuba myth! An old friend of mine, Peter from New Zealand once mistakenly jumped onto a sea snake in the water from his boat when he went
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The Rain Stopped and Its Now Sunny, Hot and the Visibility is Approaching its Best You may have heard of the severe weather Koh Tao endured a few weeks back. The monsoon hit hard for 10-14 days causing massive flooding and damage to the islands infrastructure, high winds brought waves and poor visibility. But the
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Fay Hee has been accepted by PADI for the CDTC February 2017 Our Chinese team grows stronger with each passing day. Team leader and PADI MAster Instructor Fay Hee submitted his business plan at the end of 2016 to PADI Asia Pacific and I am very pleased to report that he was accepted for the
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PADI Logo 50 years gold
PADI  Application Fees 2017 Application Fees and Renewal Fees for PADI Professional Members   PADI Application Fees are paid directly to PADI upon successful completion of your respective course. For Divemaster you will need to complete the PADI Divemaster Application form attach the holographic decal from your PADI Divemaster Crew Pack and then send to
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Monsoon Rain Damage
Monsoon Extreme Weather Hits Koh Tao This years monsoon is in full effect here on Koh Tao brining heavy winds and rains have hit the tiny island and quite literally battered it constantly for 3-4 days causing damage to property, roads, buildings and infrastructure.   Roads Become Impassable The torrential rain has created streams and
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box jelly fish
Box Jelly fish sighted The box jelly has been seen around the waters of Koh Tao. As recently as January 3rd 2017, one was seen around Koh Nangyuan at the dive and snorkellers favourite site – Japanese Gardens. Koh Nangyuan receives hundreds to thousands of visitors daily on half day dive and snorkel trips from
scubapro technician certificate
SCUBAPRO Technician Level 1 I am pleased to announce that I completed the 2 day SCUBAPRO Technician level 1 course. The training and certification not only means that I may now maintain and service our 20 x new SCUBAPRO T-ONE BCDs and our MKII regulators which I purchased for Asia Divers divers December 2016. But

How to wash BCD

Rinsing your buoyancy control device after use Keeping your scuba gear in good working order is essential for dive safety, comfort and maintaining its appearance and longevity. One way to prevent early servicing or expensive repair is too look after your BCD by washing it drying it properly after every use. I have seen many
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