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Discover scuba dive DSD

Discover scuba dive

What is a DSD?

A DSD is a single dive experience for novices without any experience of scuba diving, also known as a try dive. After learning some basic scuba theory, equalisation techniques to keep ears comfortable, signals for communication and equipment use on
land/boat. You will begin your DSD in very shallow water (deep enough to to stand up) close to the sandy beach to practice a few safety drills with your PADI instructor before then heading off for a shallow dive exploring the local reef.

You will be amazed by the beautiful and abundant marine life we can find in shallow water.

The DSD is a fast way to discovering whether or not you wish to carry on toward gaining your scuba certification and to find and photograph marine fish and reef.

Who can do a DSD PADI discover scuba dive

Anyone from 10 years or older can participate. (8+ years may take the PADI bubble maker dive)

You do not need to be able to swim to try scuba diving.

You should have reasonable fitness for scuba diving activities. Please peruse the DSD course registration documentation  and ensure that there are no medical conditions that may need a physicians approval to dive with.PADI DSD Flipchart

Please check our scuba fitness page if you have any doubts.



Who does Discover scuba dive?

Divers on boat give turtle signal after seeing one on their diveFor those travellers who do not have so much time to devote three or four days for diving or training a DSD can be conducted in one dive trip, roughly half day on our boat from 12:00 until 17:00.

Or for those on a financial budget  as a DSD costs about a quarter of the cost to get certified open water diver.

A memorable experience to share with friends and family one afternoon.

We can take upto 4 divers with our experienced instructors. We can easily accommodate larger groups with more of our staff in attendance.

DSD Schedule

11:00 Register for course by completing appropriate paper work meet instructor get fitted equipment and get pre dive briefing

12:30 Depart for scuba dive from resortFemale diver in bikini and BCD
12:45 Relax as instructor prepares and checks your equipment. Listen to instructor briefing and shown equipment usage and underwater signals used.

13:30 Enter water and head to the beach where you can stand comfortably. Descend and acclimatise just below the surface, practice equalisation of ears and a few drills for comfort.Then go explore the sea and see what you can find. Dive time between 25 – 55 mins depending.

14:40 Back on boat either chill out or get ready for an optional excursion dive for just another 1000B

17:00 Taxi transfer back to the dive shop and log your dives with your instructor.
family group shot after first scuba dive together

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